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Insidious jaundice with double duct sign – The classical presentation of Periampullary Carcinoma

A 55 year old male patient presented with insidious onset jaundice of two months duration associated with pruritis and weight loss. His liver function test showed direct hyperbilirubinemia of 7.2 mg/dl and raised alkaline phosphatase of 637 IU. He underwent an ERCP evaluation which showed a periampullary growth measuring 2 cm in size. A biopsy from the growth was positive for adenocarcinoma. He was staged…Read More

Recurrent massive intra and retroperitoneal Myxoid Liposarcoma

A 42 year old Iraqi male started having pain around left knee joint two years ago followed by appearance of a swelling. He was diagnosed with liposarcoma of left thigh which was excised in his hometown. Five months after the…Read More

Squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus after radiotherapy for carcinoma breast – an rare case report

A 69 year old female presented with dysphagia of six months duration. She was a known case of carcinoma breast. She was first detected with carcinoma left breast fifteen years ago when she underwent mastectomy followed by chemo-radiation. She developed…Read More

Colon cancer with a solitary metastatic nodule in liver – simultaneous laparoscopic resection

A 55 year old lady presented with complaints of altered bowel habit with an episode of bleeding per rectum of four months duration. Her colonoscopy showed a growth in upper rectum and biopsy was positive for adenocarcinoma. A PET CT scan…Read More

Laparoscopic Colonic resection – preferred approach for Colon cancer

A 61 year old male presented with two month history of abdominal pain, weight loss and anorexia. His colonoscopy showed a cecal growth and biopsy was positive for carcinoma. His CT abdomen showed an operable cecal growth. He underwent…Read More